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Online Day Trading Rooms & Education Success

At PureTick, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best experts in Online Trading & Education, tools, and resources possible, in order to support them in becoming profitable day traders. Our most successful members are coach-able, committed students, that have a winning mindset and are willing to make trading & trading education a priority in their lives.
They act as champions in supporting the success of their fellow PureTick colleagues, providing a strong, community of like-minded individuals that can learn and share best practices with each other. Together, we work as a community to build new habits, mitigate fear, boost confidence and grow sustainable, profitable day trading businesses.
Whether you are new to trading or an experienced trader, if you are ready to be the CEO of your own day trading business, PureTick.co is for you. Our extensive portfolio of products and services offer training and live trading room memberships, education, 1:1 technical mentor-ships, and resources. Day Trading Rooms & Education -  Read More…


How It All Works

We are short-term day traders, so we define our trend by observing the 60-minute and 15-minute charts. To avoid subjectivity we use two moving averages of prices: a 5 period simple moving average and a 20 period simple moving average. Read more…

Day Trading System

PureTick Difference

Many of you might be saying, “but many day trading gurus do this, what makes your trading education any different?” The bottom line, while simple, is that we are much more patient in our definition of a pullback. We call our method a combination of a “Filter and Trigger” method. Read more…

Day Trading Room


One of our goals at PureTick.com is to get you trading like a pro on your own! In addition to providing trading alert signals, much of your time in the service will be spent soaking up knowledge on the markets. We teach standard concepts such as support and resistance, candle formations… Learn More…

Day Trading

Bottom Line

If you haven’t experienced a panicked loss caused by your initial buy delay, tardy entry into an upward move and your hesitation to cut your losses after you watch the market reverse and quickly decline, then you haven’t begun day trading yet. Learn More

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